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Stuttering Craig Announces The Real Game Awards

In March, Stuttering Craig, the co-founder of Screw Attack and host of Side Scrollers, announced “Take Games Back,” an initiative aimed at wresting video game culture from the hands of hostile corporate and media interests and giving it back to gamers. The first part of this push Craig announced...

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Dragon Age: The Veilguard Offers “No-Death Option”

If you think playing a video game where it’s possible to lose is unfair, Dragon Age: The Veilguard has got you covered. Game Informer visited BioWare’s office and spoke to the developers about the upcoming game, and they got a look at some of The Veilguard’s features, such as “the abili...

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IGN Used Mistranslated Comments From Black Myth: Wukong Developer

Games journalists are embarrassing themselves in their zeal to take down any game developer that doesn’t submit to their ideology. The other day, a rumor about games journalists and consulting firms like Sweet Baby Inc. joining forces to extort developers, specifically the company behind Black My...

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Games Journalists Target Black Myth: Wukong

Stellar Blade is yesterday’s news; games journalists and the rest of the perpetually offended have a new target: Black Myth: Wukong. Well, it’s not so new; a hate campaign has been going on since at least August of 2023. But it’s coming to light now because of a recent – and I have to stres...

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Sweet Baby Inc. Employee Contacts Former Employer of Jeff from SmashTV

The video game journalists/developers/consultants are stepping up their attacks on the other side of what they’ve designated GamerGate 2 (all the while oblivious to the movement’s true mastermind). Their current number-one target seems to be Jeff from Smash JT. Jeff is a figure similar to former...

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Kotaku Writer Challenges Gamers to a Fight, Then Changes her Mind

Want to see one of the funnier stories in the cold war between gamers and games journalists? Don’t worry; it won’t take long. This is the saga of Alyssa Mercante throwing down the gauntlet to gamers… and then quickly picking it back up. You remember Alyssa Mercante, right? She’s the Kotaku j...

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