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Warner Bros. Wanted The Departed to be a Franchise

You don’t often think a legend like Martin Scorsese would have trouble in Hollywood, but he has. In an interview with GQ (the same one where he argued for “saving cinema” from superhero films), Scorsese revealed that he got pushback from controlling studios over some of his movies. First, he ...

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Hollywood Writers Go on Strike

The Writers Guild of America, the WGA, has gone on strike, demanding higher pay in the new streaming-oriented landscape of Hollywood. What does this mean for the average audience member? Very little. At a time when production companies’ stocks are plummeting, budgets are higher, and profits are lo...

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An Update on Time’s Up

Last year it was reported that the “Time’s Up” board had been dissolved, but no one was talking about it. With over 70 board members, it is crazy to think it was swept under the table as fast as it had arrived. Now, a little over a year after the organization was covering up for &h...

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Time’s Up for Hollywood Hypocrites

The Time’s Up advisory board consisting of over 70 Hollywood elitists has been dissolved for months now – yet hardly anyone knows. A quick search on CNN, and lo and behold, no articles about the advisory board! CNN does have an article about how the Time’s Up CEO resigned back in August of 202...

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