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House of the Dragon Season 2 Trailer Takes Flight

House of the Dragon season 2 released a trailer and announced a release window today. Season 2 begins on HBO and Max in the summer of 2024. Check out the trailer here: This trailer reveals little of the coming season, consisting primarily of intriguing dialogue and people standing dramatically. It d...

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Euphoria Will Return in 2025

Season 3 of Euphoria finally has at least a release year: 2025. After it debuted in 2019 and season 2 ended in early 2022, the show’s future has been uncertain. I think we all expected another season after the success of season 2, but nobody knew when it was coming. The pandemic was mostly cl...

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REVIEW: Doom Patrol – Season 4, Episode 9, “Immortimus Patrol”

“Immortimus Patrol ” is a musical-holiday episode. Immortimus is everyone’s favorite holiday, a special day to spend with family, being thankful for the great Immortus and all she has given. The antics reveal greater chemistry between Casey and Jane, even if the former doesn’...

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REVIEW: Doom Patrol – Season 4, Episodes 7 and 8, “Orqwith Patrol” and “Fame Patrol”

***SPOILERS*** In “Orqwith Patrol,” Rita and Madame Rouge are forced to deal with the fallout of their actions and avoid detection in the Ant Farm. Meanwhile, Jane, Cliff, and Vic are put in cages in Orqwith. Rita grapples with inadvertently killing a man as Rouge tells her to get a grip...

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True Detective: Night Country Trailer Struggles Against Lowered Expectations

Another criminal investigation will bring two mismatched detectives together in ways they never imagined as HBO has released a trailer for True Detective: Night Country, the fourth season of the police anthology series, and the first to carry a subtitle. This time, a pair of female detectives invest...

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HBO Cancels The Idol

HBO has reportedly canceled The Idol, this year’s drama series from Abel “The Weekend” Tesfaye and Sam Levinson. This follows extensive reshoots during the first – and now, only – season of the series and the decreased episode count from 6 to 5. An HBO spokesperson had this to say abou...

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