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Helldivers 2 Online Gameplay Has Dropped 90% Since Launch

Sony never recovered from their Helldivers 2 implosion. After making the idiotic decision to restrict access to Helldivers 2 to those with a PlayStation Network account, gamers fought back by giving the game bad reviews (this is what actual review-bombing looks like, not the situation with The Aco...

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Kotaku Writer Targets YouTuber’s Wife, Game Dev Calls for More

I doubt anyone thought games journalists and the woker among gaming developers would have a sobering moment of reflection following this weekend’s demonstration of how little influence they have over gamers, but you won’t believe how deranged they’ve become. SmashTV is the brand of Jeff, a for...

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The Aftermath of the Helldivers 2 Win

UPDATE: The screenshot posts from Kotaku writer Alyssa Mercante below were specifically about Saavy|Artist asking Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt some questions, and Pilestedt answering them and thanking her for being polite in her discourse. It’s unclear whether this happened before or after Sony�...

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The War Over Helldivers 2 is Over; the Gamers Won

The Helldivers 2 controversy just started, and it’s already gotten more heated than the one over Stellar Blade. A lot has happened in a couple of days, with both Sony and the gamers it insulted volleying at each other. But don’t worry;  this one has a happy ending. Here’s the rundown. First,...

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Sony Suddenly Requiring PSN Accounts for All Helldivers 2 Players

Is Sony determined to ruin every popular game it releases? It’s starting to look like it, between their censorship of Stellar Blade (well, details are scarce, likely due to non-disclosure agreements, but it’s almost certainly their doing) and now their pie in the face to Helldivers 2 fans. If ...

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The Game Developers Conference: Getting to Know Our Betters

Video games are fun. We LOVE games, darn it! But do video games love us back? Let me tell you something you may already know: The world ain’t sunshine and rainbows. This industry is infected with haters, cowards, bullies, and activists, and they will beat us down and cancel us for eternity if we l...

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