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James Gunn Weighs in on DC Report, More on Wonder Woman 3

Some clarification – depending on what turns out to be true – has come regarding yesterday’s DC Studios exclusive from The Hollywood Reporter. First, James Gunn took to Twitter to comment on it: Gunn’s statement makes sense, and again, I like how he goes straight to fans via Twitter instead ...

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Wonder Woman 3 Out, Cavill’s Superman in Flux, and More on DC

DC is venturing into the unknown. James Gunn and Peter Safran, the co-CEOs of DC Studios, are said to have a rough outline of their plan for the DC Film Universe and will present it to Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav next week. The Hollywood Reporter has some exclusive news and rumors from ...

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The Lore and History of The Witcher Novels Part 1: The Conjunction of the Spheres

“Verily I say unto you, the era of the sword and axe is nigh, the era of the wolf’s blizzard. The Time of the White Chill and the White Light is nigh, the Time of Madness and the Time of Contempt . . . the Time of End. The world will die amidst frost and …

More Witcher: Blood Origin Details Revealed

Netflix’s prequel series, The Witcher: Blood Origin, is just around the corner, with its marketing campaign in full swing. In a recent What to Know video posted to their YouTube channel, Netflix reveals some additional lore breaks and cliché tropes that will be at play in the upcoming four-episod...

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Witcher Writers Attack Beau DeMayo for Pulling Back the Curtain

After a month of radio silence, the floodgates are open, as Netflix has apparently permitted their Witcher employees to publicly respond to accusations made against them. Back in October, former Netflix Witcher writer Beau DeMayo publicly came out to accuse the Netflix writers’ room of “actively...

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New Blood Origin Trailer Gets Ratioed Again

While fans of The Witcher have made their disinterest in the franchise going forward clear after Henry Cavill’s departure, Netflix is still proceeding full steam ahead, preparing for the release of their next spin-off, The Witcher: Blood Origin. Once again, this trailer offers very little for the ...

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