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Wolfman’s Got Nards Trailer Rises From the Grave

The military had better dig out that business card because there’s a documentary about The Monster Squad on the horizon. Titled Wolfman’s Got Nards (as if it could have been called anything else) and directed by Andre Gower – who played Monster Squad leader Sean – the documentary looks at th...

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Neve Campbell Officially Back for Scream 5

Neve Campbell can’t shake Ghostface. Bloody Disgusting exclusively reports that Campbell will officially be returning as series heroine Sidney Prescott for Scream 5. Campbell had been in discussions to play Sidney again in the developing sequel and spoke of a letter Scream 5 directors Matt Bettine...

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REVIEW: The New Mutants (2020)

It’s funny how life imitates art; in the comic books, the New Mutants were notorious for being a young group of X-Men trainees facing traumatic experiences from the very beginning, with tragedy surrounding them as much as or even more than the actual X-Men or the original X-Factor. The same th...

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Melissa Barrera Joins Scream 5

Ghostface is putting together his new hit list. According to a Deadline exclusive, Melissa Barrera has joined the cast of Scream 5. Barrera is best known for the Starz series Vida and will star in the upcoming movie In the Heights, based on the Broadway musical. Scream series regulars Courteney Cox ...

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Courteney Cox Confirmed for Scream 5

Ghostface’s next killing spree is coming together nicely. Deadline exclusively reports that Courteney Cox will be returning for Scream 5, or whatever they end up calling the next one. Cox portrays intrepid reporter Gale Weathers in the slasher series and is one of the three main characters, who’...

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James Marsters Pitched a Comic Series to DC

James Marsters is about to go from television to comics once again. In an interview with Michael Rosenbaum, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Smallville alum talked about his recent pitch to DC Comics, only saying that the concept – which he’s had in mind for several years – is awesome and that...

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