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REVIEW: The Flash – Season 8, Episode 9 “Phantoms”

Not only does “Phantoms” continue a great run for The Flash, but like the show’s hero, it does the impossible: it made me like Chester. It couldn’t pull off the same feat with another obnoxious character who almost sinks her subplot, and there are some details revealed this week that don’t...

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REVIEW: The Flash – Season 8, Episode 8 “The Fire Next Time”

The Flash has been (mostly) on a hot streak this season, and “The Fire Next Time” keeps the heat burning. While not a spectacular episode on its face – and marred by a muddled subplot – it’s a great examination of one of the often-overlooked factors that turned Barry into a hero. It’s al...

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REVIEW: The Flash – Season 8, Episode 7 “Lockdown”

Maybe The Flash needed a week to get the suck out of its system (give or take the odd Chester scene) because “Lockdown” is a quick return to form. It’s a focused, thematically connected, character-driven episode that manages to be both fun and legitimately funny. And Danielle Panabaker finally...

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REVIEW: The Flash – Season 8, Episode 6 “Impulsive Excessive Disorder”

The Flash has been off the air for four months, and to remind us of what we’ve been missing, the series gave us an episode focusing on Barry’s corny kids. Not that a Nora/Bart episode like “Impulsive Excessive Disorder” would have been good at any point in the run, but as the mid-season(ish)...

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REVIEW: The Flash – Season 8, Episode 5 “Armageddon Part 5”

The Flash may have averted Armageddon, but his greatest test is yet to come. “Armageddon Part 5” puts yet another new spin on the theme that has fueled not only this season-opening miniseries but much of the show from the beginning. That it incorporates the central characters and plot elements f...

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REVIEW: The Flash – Season 8, Episode 3 “Armageddon Part 3”

The beginning of “Armageddon Part 3” scared me. I thought we were bracing for the return of one of my most hated, played-out superhero tropes, something The Flash has done several times (and several times too many). Instead, the third chapter in the miniseries surprised me by arguing against thi...

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