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REVIEW: The Flash – Season 6, Episode 4 “There Will Be Blood”

The Flash is on a roll this season, and “There Will Be Blood” (named after one of my favorite movies of at least the last two decades) is another stellar episode. There are a couple of missteps involving Ramsey Rosso, the burgeoning big bad, but they’re insignificant next to the wonderful acti...

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REVIEW: The Flash – Season 6, Episode 3 “Dead Man Running”

Three episodes in, season 6 of The Flash is shaping up to be something special. “Dead Man Running” lives up to its title, showing how several characters deal with their impending demises, and how Barry has become a hero capable of helping others face the inevitable. It’s also fun and heartwarm...

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REVIEW: The Flash – Season 6, Episode 2 “A Flash of the Lightning”

The road to “Crisis on Infinite Earths” continues on The Flash, with “A Flash of the Lightning” affording a glimpse of what to expect from the apocalyptic event. Barry’s prophesied death is the main thrust of the episode, which moves Dr. Ramsey Rosso’s dark turn to the back burner. Some ...

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