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REVIEW: Bullet Train (2022)

The trailers for Bullet Train advertised a fun, goofy, violent summer movie with charming actors and Japanese versions of American pop songs, and it delivers all of those things. What the ubiquitous YouTube ads didn’t reveal is that it’s a much smarter movie than it appears, a subtly thoughtful ...

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REVIEW: The In Between (2022)

Usually, when you sit down to watch a movie on Valentine’s Day, you pick something lighthearted and fun. Something that’ll make you laugh, maybe shed a happy tear or two. Something that will make you feel happy and believe in love. I absolutely did not do that this Valentine’s Day. I chose to ...

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Joey King to Star in Bullet Train with Brad Pitt

Joey King has a train to catch. Deadline exclusively reports that the star of Netflix’s The Kissing Booth and its sequels will appear in David Leitch’s in-development thriller Bullet Train. Bullet Train is based on a Japanese book called Maria Beetle by Kôtarô Isaka, about five assassins on on...

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