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John Wick 5 Script Being Written

There’s no stopping the Boogeyman. In May, Joe Drake, then the president of Lionsgate, said that the studio was developing a number of films in the John Wick universe, “including 5,” indicating that a fifth John Wick movie was on its way. Since then, there hasn’t been much movement; a lot ...

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The Fall Guy Trailer Pulls No Punches

Practice your stage dives because Universal Pictures has released a trailer for The Fall Guy. Based on the 80s action TV series of the same name, The Fall Guy follows Hollywood stuntman Colt Seavers, who searches for the missing movie star for whom he’s doubling when the actor disappears from th...

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REVIEW: The Continental – Episode 3, “Theatre of Pain”

“Theatre of Pain” brings The Continental to a ridiculous, empty-headed conclusion, successfully demystifying the High Table and removing the stakes from what should have been a near-suicide mission. A few good scenes are sprinkled through what is otherwise an enactment of a child playing with a...

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Silent Night Trailer is a Blood-Soaked Stocking Stuffer

For the second year in a row, a Christmas action movie is headed to theaters, as Lionsgate has released a trailer for Silent Night. The latest film from acclaimed action director John Woo – and his first American movie since 2003’s Paycheck – Silent Night is about a man who survives a gang s...

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REVIEW: The Continental – Episode 2, “Loyalty to the Master”

I was surprised to have mostly enjoyed the first episode of The Continental. The second, “Loyalty to the Master,” is more in line with my expectations for the John Wick prequel series. It’s a dull story – or segment of a story – that feels inconsequential, over-explains the mysteries of t...

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REVIEW: The Continental – Episode 1, “Brothers in Arms”

The Continental is a nice surprise. The first episode, “Brothers in Arms,” is much better than I thought it would be, an entertaining trip back to the crime-ridden New York of the 70s in the John Wick universe. It’s got style to spare and some excellent filmmaking from Albert Hughes, formerly...

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