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Localizers for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Turn Character Trans

Video game localizers are at it again, and the newest target for their vandalism is the remake of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. The game features a character named Vivian, who, in the Japanese version, is a boy who dresses like a girl or a really effeminate boy, which is called otokonoko in J...

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Kabrutus Launches DEI Detected Website

Kabrutus has expanded his focus from Sweet Baby Inc.; now, he’s taking on the whole DEI consulting industry. The creator of the Sweet Baby Inc. Detected Steam curator just launched a website called DEI Detected, where he and his team will list all the video games that have been influenced by woke ...

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Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes Gets Localized

Do you want to see localization in action? There’s been a lot of talk lately about the practice, which should be simply translating a game from a foreign language into English but actually involves making it more in line with American culture – or what the localizers want American culture to be....

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Capcom Localization Team Smugly Exposes Itself

Want a look at what video game localizers do? Capcom is more than happy to let you know; today, the Capcom Localization Team’s X account posted a list of a game localizer’s responsibilities – gussied up in rosy words with a condescendingly smarmy tone – and it’s stunning in its audacity. T...

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Nintendo of America Requires DEI Awareness of Localizers

Remember when people reporting on Sweet Baby Inc. said that they and other woke video game consulting firms were just a symptom and that game developers and larger video game companies were part of the problem, too? Nintendo just proved everyone right. X user packergirl shared an image of a job ad N...

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