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LOTR: The War of the Rohirrim Producer Calls Out Rings of Power

Amazon’s Rings of Power was one the biggest disasters in fantasy history and was soundly rejected by Tolkien fans. Inversely, Warner Bros.’ The War of the Rohirrim prequel anime has been met with a degree of hope and excitement amongst Tolkien fans, enthusiasts, and normies alike, all looking fo...

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The Witcher 3’s Geralt Backs Up Henry Cavill

Doug Cockle, the voice actor for Geralt in the CD Projekt Red Witcher Trilogy, has remained relatively silent in recent months regarding Henry Cavill’s recasting. He occasionally commented about being “really sad” while wishing Liam Hemsworth luck. Still, he never really had a public position ...

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Witcher: Blood Origin Gets a Measly 15Mil Hour Viewership

The Witcher: Blood Origin is one of the greatest travesties ever released. Learning from the Rings of Power debacle, fans and audience members have stood up against Netflix’s abomination of Andrzej Sapkowski’s incredible literary works. However, audience members are not only rejecting this horre...

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REVIEW: The Witcher: Blood Origin Miniseries (2022)

2022 has been rife with some of the worst travesties ever put to T.V. screens, such as Amazon’s The Rings of Power, Disney’s Willow, and every single MCU entry. With only a matter of days remaining in this year of perversions, audience members would not have been remiss in allowing themselves a ...

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Rings of Power Rolls Out All-Female Directorial Team

The unparalleled travesty that was Amazon‘s The Rings of Power is getting a continuation in the distant future with an upcoming season 2. News about this new season has been released sporadically over the last few weeks, as it is currently in production. New casting announcements, recasts, and...

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Rings of Power Recast and Backlash

Nearly since its first press announcement, fans of the Lord of the Rings universe knew that the Amazon Prime adaptation of The Lord of the Rings lore, The Rings of Power, would be an utter bastardization of the most defining fantasy series in history. That was proven correct with the abomination tha...

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