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Dave Filoni Promoted to Executive Creative Director a Year Ago

Everyone got excited about Dave Filoni being promoted to Executive Creative Director of Lucasfilm, but that happened a year ago. #DaveFiloni #KathleenKennedy #Lucasfilm #DisneyStarWars #DisneyLucasfilm #StarWars #NotMySTARWARS

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THE HEART OF THE JEDI Expanded Universe Book Has Been Removed From Amazon

THE HEART OF THE JEDI Expanded Universe book was removed from Amazon on May 9, 2021. #TheHeartOfTheJedi #StarWarsEU #AmazonBooks #STARWARS

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LUCASFILM STAR WARS Archives Tour with Don Bies – The Skywalker Legacy Promo

Take a tour of the ILM STAR WARS archives with Don Bies from The Skywalker Legacy documentary. #STARWARS #LucasfilmArchives #TheSkywalkerLegacy #DonBies #GeorgeLucas #StarWarsArchives

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J.W. Rinzler Love and Support Fundraiser Live Stream – F Cancer! – The Phantom Menace

Fundraiser stream for J.W. Rinzler and family. Jonathan is fighting Pancreatic Cancer and could use our words of encouragement. Stop in and leave Jonathan a message and/or make a donation to help him through these difficult times. #JWRinzler #STARWARS #Cancer #NotMySTARWARS

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The Mess

Star Wars is a mess right now.  I honestly don’t see any way to fix it. It could be done, however I feel the people in charge won’t do what needs to be done to get Star Wars back on the right track.  Last weekend I saw the end of the second season of The …

George Lucas Explains Why Disney STAR WARS Failed

George Lucas explains to us why the Disney STAR WARS movies failed. He was willing to help guide the franchise but Bob Iger and Kathleen Kennedy decided to take STAR WARS in a new direction. #STARWARS #GeorgeLucas #Disney #Lucasfilm #DisneySTARWARS #NotMySTARWARS

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