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How To Collect: A Beginners Guide To Collecting

Have you been wanting to start your very own collection but just didn’t know how?  It can be quite intimidating to see a massive collection. You might think, how on earth does one start, and why would you collect? To inspire you, I’ve asked my fellow Geeks + Gamers members to share photos o...

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New Super Mario Bros. Movie Gets Release Date, Cast Announced

Thursday’s Nintendo Direct presentation came with a handful of surprises, but one of the most talked-about announcements had to have been the cast revealing for the new (untitled) Super Mario Bros. animated movie, slated to hit theaters next holiday season (2022). The movie will be co-produced...

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MAR10 Day Deals From Nintendo

Apparently, Nintendo has declared March 10th “Mario Day,” or “MAR10 Day” (because 10 looks like “IO”… go figure), and this has been going on for a few years; you learn something new every day, I guess. But more important than reaching gamer holidays is that ...

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REVIEW: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

When the first Super Smash Bros. game released on the Nintendo 64, who could have expected that it would achieve the status of a global party game? Certainly not Masahiro Sakurai, but entry after entry, he brings us a melee of epic proportions that has brought gamers countless hours of enjoyment. Th...

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate First Impressions

Masahiro Sakurai has brought us all together once more to do what we all love most: knocking the ever-loving snot out of each other over and over again in an all-out melee of a multiplayer madhouse that is the IP mash-up of Super Smash Bros. The series’ latest outing on the Nintendo Switch is ...

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What Mario, Dr. Seuss and Mr. Rogers Taught Me About Retro Gaming

I recently had family visiting from that nebulous place known as “out of town.” My brothers and I got to looking around at some of our old consoles and decided to fire up the Nintendo 64. Admittedly this was partly to see if the youngest additions to our family – both shy of ten, and … ...

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