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Streamer Destiny Suspended on Kick and Likely Demonetized on X for Mocking Murdered Firefighter

Ever heard of a streamer called Destiny? Me neither, but apparently, he’s a sicko. Following the attempted assassination of President Donald Trump on Saturday, Destiny – whose real name is Steven Kenneth Bonnell II – posted some disgusting things on X disparaging Corey Comperatore, the firefig...

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Gina Carano Takes on Mark Hamill Over Trump Lie

The attempted assassination of President Donald Trump – and the murder of a rally attendee – have brought out the ire of one side of the political aisle… but not the side you’d think. The left have been attacking in full force, and one of the most prominent examples is a premier Force user, ...

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More Celebrity and Entertainment Industry Reactions to Trump Assassination Attempt

Jack Black and Kyle Gass of Tenacious D were the big story, but they’re not the only celebrities and entertainment industry representatives with awful takes on the attempt to assassinate President Donald Trump that resulted in a bystander being killed. The first will come as no surprise, which suc...

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The Acolyte’s Ratings Are a Disaster, Triggering Possible Luke Skywalker Return

The Acolyte is sinking Disney Star Wars even more than Lucasfilm’s last streaming disappointment. That Park Place ran down the series’ viewership numbers, and they’re bad – as in half of Ahsoka’s numbers. Last week’s episode, which was the show’s fifth, had 232.2 million minutes watc...

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TRAILER: LEGO Star Wars: Rebuild the Galaxy (2024)

Earlier today, a trailer was dropped for a new Star Wars project, and not the one you might expect. LEGO Star Wars: Rebuild the Galaxy is the latest in the franchise’s series of LEGO specials on Disney+. Mark Hamill and Ahmed Best are returning to play Luke Skywalker and Jar Jar Binks, respective...

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Disney Files Motion to Dismiss Gina Carano’s Lawsuit

Disney wants to make Gina Carano’s lawsuit go away. If you’ll remember, the former MMA star was fired from her Star Wars role by Disney and Lucasfilm ostensibly for sharing a post in her Instagram stories – but actually, she argues, for her political opinions concerning forced pronoun declara...

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