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Itch.io, Team17, and Other Game Companies Reject NFTs

Indie game marketplace itch.io is the latest in a series of game companies to reject NFTs as part of their business. Like most announcements in the modern world, it was proclaimed from their Twitter account on February 5th. The Tweet reads:   It’s a nice, succinct, and conclusive statement re...

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Bungie and Activision Part Ways

It’s been a bit of a rocky road for Destiny for a lot of folks, with criticisms ranging from a lack of story to repetitive gameplay haunting it. Bungie has been a beloved studio for years, after their creation of the Halo franchise, so for the first game to release in such a manner was disapp...

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Corporatism vs. Nerdom: Repeating Industry-Killing Mistakes

Mainstream entertainment companies are really working hard to take the “entertainment” out of the entertainment industry. Marvel, EA, Lucasfilm, Blizzard, Bethesda, Wizards of the Coast – to name a few – are run by executives who only understand the business aspect of the ecosyste...

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Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Exclusive for the Switch Coming in 2019

The Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order gameplay trailer was released during The Game Awards ‘18. Marvel Entertainment and Koei Tecmo’s Team Ninja are working together on the game – originally published by Activision – which will feature a new saga in which the superheroes of the Mar...

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