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Fox’s ALCS Postgame Show Taken Over By “F*ck Joe Biden” Chants

In the aftermath of a drubbing rendered by a 5-run 6th inning by the Houston Astros, only the familiar cries of some salty BoSox fans who stuck around Fenway Park to be a part of the Fox ALCS postgame show remained. What were they chanting? Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, and Frank Thomas are on the &h...

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MLB’s Championship Series Squared Away After a Horribly Blown Call

An absolutely amazing game between the San Francisco Giants and the eventual winners, the Los Angeles Dodgers, was ultimately spoiled by a blown check swing to send the unlikeliest “Best Team in Baseball” home for the season. Of all the possible endings, a check-swing strike. Amazing. pic.twitte...

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MLB Postseason 2021 Matchups are Set

For the first time since October 2019, postseason baseball will take place in front of capacity crowds in actual home stadiums, not weird hub cities and based states that didn’t have wonky capacity limits. With the Red Sox beating up the swing-happy, contact-apathetic Yankees Tuesday night and the...

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Conor McGregor Throws Terrible First Pitch at Chicago Cubs Game

Conor McGregor threw out the first pitch at the Chicago Cubs and Minnesota Twins Major League Baseball game. He strode out in his usual dapper form, donning a grey suit. He may be able to throw a left hand that knocks out UFC fighters in less than 20 seconds; however, he is much less accurate &helli...

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Baseball Fans Cause KO’s in the Stands

At a recent Major League Baseball game between the Colorado Rockies and the San Diego Padres, a Padres fan approached a Rockies fan in the stands and threw a punch that knocked the Rockies fan out cold. The Padres fan who threw the punch was then jumped on by two men, who proceeded to wrestle &helli...

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