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Youtube Channel Description

Hey everyone, I forgot to tell you that I have a Youtube Channel. I do Let’s Plays, Reviews, Discussions, Reactions, Top Tens, Voice Impressions, and Theories for video games, movies, tv shows, and animes. If any of you are interested in the type of content I make, I’ll send a link of my...

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Oh yea, baby. ONE theater in town is showing the movie Fatman, and they stop showing it on Tuesday. So naturally I had to get a ticket for tomorrow.  I was so looking forward to seeing this, thankfully we got it! Can’t wait!

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Holmes x Doyle

I don’t know much about Arthur Conan Doyle’s life. But I am sure that his masterpiece character – Sherlock Holmes – is based on an opposite version of himself. I know he used to say that Holmes was inspired by Joseph Bell, a surgeon of his day. But, I would like to highlight ...

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They better not SCREW IT UP! After the idiots at Nickelodeon wouldn’t give the TV show a budget, the Anifans (yes, we’re called that), are paranoid as hell about if/when an official adaptation would happen! https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/animorphs-movie-works-scholastic-pi...

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What if TENET is apart of a Secret Nolan Trilogy?

What if? The largest energy supplier is formed as a result of the events in INCEPTION. That energy company helps lead to innovations that create the technology enabling space travel through a wormhole in INTERSTELLAR. And the world that exists after the events of Interstellar enables the inversion o...

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Tenet Moves to July 31st | Wonder Woman to October 2

Warner Brothers has decided to move two of its biggest films of 2020 back a few weeks from their recent release dates. Though this makes financial sense it makes me sad to have to wait longer for these #tenet #wonderwoman84 #movies

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