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Rocketman Trailer Crocodile Rocks Online

Touch down’s brought us ’round again to find that Paramount has released the first trailer for the Elton John biopic Rocketman. Well… “biopic” might be the wrong word. Earlier this year, star Taron Egerton said it would be more a “fantasy musical” than a straight biographical f...

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Video Game Soundtracks Teach Kids the Classics

In my first article at Geeks + Gamers, I spoke of the importance of video games as one of the greatest disseminators of historic musical traditions in recent history. My thesis was essentially that now that many more individuals are playing console, computer and even mobile games than ever before, a...

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REVIEW: The After Party (2018)

I get excited whenever a movie uses rap music as part of its story. It’s a great opportunity for two of my favorite art forms to come together and possibly create something amazing. This doesn’t always happen, though; depending on how they mesh, it can be a total disaster. The new Netfli...

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Video Games Taught Me to Sing

At the outset of writing this, I should begin with a small personal anecdote: a significant amount of my own inspiration as a musician and composer has come from playing video games. To this day I remember as vividly as ever one of the most powerful visuals I have ever seen: a scene from Final &hell...

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HBO and Columbia to Release Game of Thrones Inspired Album

Several musical artists will soon be vying for the Iron Throne as Billboard reports that HBO and Columbia Records are teaming to produce an officially licensed album tying into the former’s massively popular fantasy series, Music Inspired by Game of Thrones. While no specific performers were menti...

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First Bohemian Rhapsody Trailer Drops

Get ready to be rocked, as 20th Century Fox has released the first trailer for Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. The film traces the formation and rise of the legendary band, as well as the tumultuous path to – and through – stardom of larger-than-life lead singer Freddie Mercury. Bohemian Rhapsod...

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