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REVIEW: My Hero Academia: Two Heroes (2018)

In 2016 the My Hero Academia anime was released. Back then, I don’t think anyone could’ve guessed how big the series would eventually become. The first season gave its audience likable characters to latch onto, and it turned the series into a global phenomenon. There are very few anime...

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REVIEW: My Hero Academia Season 2 (2017)

In my review of season 1, I mentioned that My Hero Academia had the potential to be something great. I loved the foundation that was set and wanted to see some payoff in the story for all the time spent establishing the world and its main characters. I didn’t expect it to be this good, thoug...

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REVIEW: My Hero Academia Season 1 (2016)

I always feel like I have to proceed with caution when I start a new action/adventure anime. This is especially true when it’s being adapted from an ongoing manga that has no intentions of ending anytime soon. The common pitfalls of these longer-running anime usually mean I skip them, but this...

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