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“Change is Coming” Tweets Enes Kanter in Latest Assault Against the CCP

Boston Celtics’ Center Enes Kanter is still on the offensive against the CCP. “Change is coming and no one can stop it,” Kanter said in a tweet on Thursday that shows several groups that Kanter has brought to light in the past expressing their gratitude to him for highlighting their plight...

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Reaches Out to Kyrie Irving: “I Respect You For Having Some Integrity”

Kyrie Irving’s steadfast resolve to decline vaccination has been a lightning rod in the media. Drawing criticism from normally decent people like Charles Barkley, saying nonsense like, “You Don’t Get the Vaccine for Yourself; You Get It for Other People.” Or braggadocious assholes like Steph...

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Enes Kanter Dunks on CCP over Free Tibet Message

Can you believe it? A story about an NBA player that’s not a wokester? Crazy times. Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter, an immigrant from Turkey, is taking a stand against the repressive and tyrannical regime of Joe Bi… Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party, specifically on the subjugation o...

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Ben Simmons Thrown Out of 76ers Training Camp, Receives a 1-Game Suspension

Ben Simmons threw a temper tantrum at Philadelphia 76ers practice today, refusing to, well, practice, and got slapped with a 1-game suspension and was thrown out of the gym by head coach Doc Rivers. Who does he think he is, not taking practice seriously? We ain’t talking about a game, though; we...

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Kyrie Irving BANNED By the Brooklyn Nets For Being Unvaccinated

Following up on the coverage of the NBA handing an ultimatum to their players to either get the jab or sit out home games, there have been two developments. Andrew Wiggins of the Golden State Warriors caved to pressure and got the vaccine, so he is eligible to play when the season tips off. He’s &...

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NBA, Rolling Stone Team Up to Segregate the Association by Vaccine Status

With the 2021-2022 NBA season weeks away, Rolling Stone, bastion of great journalism, is reporting that the NBA, just like Joe Biden, is running out of patience with their final few remaining unvaccinated players. LeBron James, notable activist and part-time Lakers star, announced that he has been v...

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