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SNL Writers Reportedly Boycotting Over Dave Chappelle

More people are refusing to work with Dave Chappelle if rumors are to be believed. Tomorrow night, Chappelle is hosting Saturday Night Live, which used to be a comedy show, with musical guest Black Star. A couple of days ago, Page Six claimed to have sources telling them that several SNL staff write...

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NBC Saves CBS’ Magnum P.I.

Back in May, it was reported that CBS would not renew the reboot of Magnum P.I. for a fifth season, much to many fans’ outrage. The show first premiered in 2018 and starred Jay Hernandez as Thomas Magnum and Perdita Weeks as gender-swapped Juliet (formerly John) Higgins. Fans were happy with t...

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Dave Harmon Confirms a Community Movie is Happening

“Six seasons and a movie,” the rallying cry and motto of Community, may finally be coming to pass. The dream of Abed Nadir is finally within reach. This film has been rumored since the series ended back in 2015, but no firm announcements were ever released. The first news about this project in...

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EA Shopping for Acquisition or Merger With Disney, Apple, and Others

The gaming industry is rapidly changing, and EA is no exception, as they are now looking to either merge or be acquired by a big name like Apple or Disney. EA has become the most recent games company to seek a merger after Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard for nearly $70 billion back in January...

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Jesse L. Martin is Leaving The Flash

Barry Allen can’t hold onto a parent to save his life. Deadline reports that Jesse L. Martin will leave The Flash as a series regular in season 9, although he will return in “multiple episodes.” Martin plays Joe West on The Flash, a surrogate father to Barry after his dad was imprisoned for mu...

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REVIEW: Yellowstone – Season 4, Episode 7 “Keep the Wolves Close”

With only three episodes left until the finale, Yellowstone season four has been moving at a much slower pace than its previous seasons, much to the chagrin of a lot of its dedicated fanbase. But it’s all about to pay off. One by one, the loose plot threads that have been dangling separately o...

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