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Missing Titanic Tour Submersible Piloted by Video Game Controller

Who knew video games were this pervasive in the culture? If you haven’t been following the story of the Titanic tour submersible (as I hadn’t until Krista told me about it), here’s the background: A company called OceanGate operates the Titan submersible, a 22-foot-long mini-submarine used to ...

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Hollywood Writers Go on Strike

The Writers Guild of America, the WGA, has gone on strike, demanding higher pay in the new streaming-oriented landscape of Hollywood. What does this mean for the average audience member? Very little. At a time when production companies’ stocks are plummeting, budgets are higher, and profits are lo...

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Star Wars News: Zombies in Ahsoka, Bad Batch White-Washed?

As always with Star Wars, rumors are swirling around Ahsoka. The latest tidbit from makingstarwars.net involves Thrawn having undead Stormtroopers at his disposal. A more concrete update comes from Collider: in an interview, Bad Batch director Maggie Lovitt confirmed that Lucasfilm took official ...

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Kotaku Blames Pelosi Assault on Gamergate

The biggest news story around right now is the assault at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s home in San Francisco, where her husband was allegedly beaten with a hammer by David Depape. Whatever your take on it, and there are many going around, it seems as far-removed from entertainment as possible, rig...

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Fantastic Beasts Documentary Gets a Release Date

Last week, the Wizarding World announced that there would be a new documentary about mythical creatures across history. Today, we are awash with new information! The documentary will air on Saturday, February 27th, in the U.K. on BBC One and iPlayer, and April 1st on HBO Max. The synopsis is: “In ...

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Rowling’s New Documentary Fantastic Beasts: A Natural History

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore is coming out in mid-April of this year, and fans are eager for a new film! To keep us satisfied for the time being, the BBC Natural History Unit has partnered up with Warner Bros. and Stephen Fry to release an upcoming documentary titled Fantastic Beasts:...

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