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REVIEW: Over the Hedge (2006)

Over the Hedge is a DreamWorks movie you don’t hear much about. Released in 2006, Over the Hedge is based on a comic strip of the same name written by Michael Fry and illustrated by T. Lewis. The film features an impressive cast with names like Bruce Willis, Steve Carrell,  Wanda Sykes, Willi...

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Gerard Butler Confirms Another Has Fallen Movie

Gerard Butler is ready to fall again. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Butler revealed that another entry in the Has Fallen action series is being developed. Although no quotes are attributed to him, the article makes it seem like Ric Roman Waugh, the director of Angel Has Fallen, will ret...

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REVIEW: The Mandalorian – Season 1, Episode 7 “The Reckoning”

*SPOILERS* In “The Reckoning,” Mando receives a transmission from Carga regarding the client and his growing power. Carga proposes that Mando return, kill the client and keep the Child, with his name cleared. Meanwhile on Sorgen, Cara defeats an opponent in combat, and Mando enlists her aid agai...

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REVIEW: The Mandalorian – Season 1, Episode 2 “Chapter 2: The Child”

*SPOILERS* “Chapter Two: The Child” opens with the Mandalorian escorting the baby from the previous episode out of the compound. He’s attacked by a group of aliens, but easily defeats them. Later, by a campfire, the child reaches out to him, but he puts him back in his carrier. He sees a t...

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REVIEW: The Mandalorian – Season 1, Episode 1 “Chapter One”

To say the Disney+ series The Mandalorian was highly anticipated would be an understatement. To be honest, with the state of Star Wars being what it is, I haven’t really been looking forward to it; I wasn’t even sure if I was going to watch it at all. In spite of the impressive talent involved &...

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REVIEW: Angel Has Fallen (2019)

Remember when I said some of the big event movies of this summer were more conservative-leaning than you might think? Well, Angel Has Fallen one-upped all of them by being possibly the most blatantly pro-Trump film yet made. Forgoing subtext entirely, the latest in the action series about maverick S...

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