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The Rings of Power Cast Teases the Plot of Season 2 as the Showrunners Depart

Very few positives can be derived from the current writers’ strike, but the most evident is the cancellation or delay of several woke Hollywood abominations. Unfortunately for Tolkien fans and normies alike, the strike has not affected Amazon’s The Rings of Power inordinately. It has been confir...

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Mandalorian Season 3 Continues Downward Spiral

The Hollywood Reporter recently posted an article detailing examples of The Mandalorian season 3 ‘s dip in popularity. In short, it relates to lower Nielsen ratings for the season’s opening and increased online criticism from fans and critics alike. I recommend reading the original arti...

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Mandalorian Tracks All-Time Low Nielsen Ratings

Samba TV’s previous report has been substantiated by Variety and the Nielsen ratings. The Mandalorian season 3 premiere tracked lower ratings than any episode of season 2, clocking in at 823 million minutes. When the show’s first season aired in 2019, Nielsen wasn’t yet collectin...

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A Horse Has Died on the Set of The Rings of Power

On March 21st, Amazon released a statement confirming the tragic passing of a horse on the set of their production of The Rings of Power. Very little information regarding this death has been released, with the exception of the initial report that cardiac arrest was to blame. In a public release fro...

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Warner Bros. vs. Amazon – The Battle for Lord of the Rings

Despite the best efforts of both Warner Bros. and Amazon, the Tolkien fanbase is still strong, the books fueling a passion unrivaled by any other franchise. While the fans of the books and the world have been consistently strong, the quality of the live-action interpretations of this literary univer...

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The Boys Outperformed All Disney+ Marvel Shows in 2022

According to the Nielsen ratings, Amazon Prime’s The Boys outperformed all of the Disney+ MCU TV series as 2022’s #1 superhero show. The Boys raked in 10.6 billion minutes of view time. The Boys and Rings of Power, both from Amazon, are the only non-Netflix properties to make Nielsen...

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