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E3 2019 Nintendo Direct

Nintendo is known for playing to their strengths when E3 rolls around, and 2019 did not disappoint. Staying true to form to the last several conferences, the video game giant gave all of their presentations via Nintendo Direct and Treehouse Live streams. The first two years of the Nintendo Switch’...

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Pokémon Direct – June 05, 2019

As promised last month, this morning The Pokémon Company International streamed a brand new dedicated Pokémon Direct. The stream, which lasted around 15 minutes, revealed further details regarding this fall’s upcoming, and highly-anticipated, Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield for the Nintendo...

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Nintendo Direct – Nindies Showcase March 20, 2019

Shortly after the release of the Switch, Nintendo stated that they had a renewed commitment to not only obtaining third-party support for their record-breaking hybrid home/handheld console but with a specific focus on providing a platform that was particularly friendly to indie developers and their ...

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Nintendo Direct – February 2019

Nintendo announced Super Mario Maker 2 to kick off today’s Nintendo Direct stream. Sequel to the immensely popular but underselling (thanks to the platform it was stuck on, the Wii U) Super Mario Maker, this follow-up promises a host of new features with which players can create their dream, or ni...

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Nintendo Direct – November 2018 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Today’s Nintendo Direct got right down to business by revealing the final characters for this December’s big release, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Ken (Street Fighter) joins as an “echo fighter” to fellow series fighter Ryu. Based primarily on his Street Fighter II: Turbo incarnation, Ken is ...

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Nintendo Direct – September 2018

After being delayed by the unfortunate forces of Mother Nature, Nintendo’s September Direct dropped yesterday with no shortage of announcements – some of which were surprises from out of nowhere! Kicking off the digitally streamed festivities was the unanticipated announcement of Luigi’s Mansi...

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