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What I’ve Been Playing: Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs is one of those games that, after you see the trailer, you quickly roll your eyes and start whining about open world games. Then you get over yourself and actually play it, and before long you want to smack yourself because of how great the experience you almost denied yourself really ...

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REVIEW: Far Cry 5

Honestly, I almost didn’t buy Far Cry 5. The trailers looked fun, but all the trailers for this franchise look. I’d been burnt by Far Cry 4, and wasn’t sure if I was interested in giving this franchise any more of my money. I’m so happy I took a chance, because Far Cry 5 is an …

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Far Cry 5 Impressions

I’ve spent a good 14-15 hours with Far Cry 5, and I feel confident in saying that this might be one of the best games Ubisoft has put out in a long time. It’s been a while since I’ve had this much fun with an open world game, to the point that I’ve actually distracted …

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