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REVIEW: Loki – Season 1, Episode 1 “Glorious Purpose”

Loki was supposed to be my reward for sitting through The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. After a series of lectures about race and borders and how terrorists who gleefully kill innocent people are the real heroes, the God of Mischief was set to bring back the fun that had been sucked out of the &hel...

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Loki Seems to Get a Low-Key Second Season

Disney+ is in the mood for more mischief. According to Production Weekly, a call sheet for people looking for work on productions in the film industry, season 2 of the upcoming Marvel series Loki will begin filming in January of 2022, indicating the show has been renewed before it has even premiered...

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The French Dispatch Trailer is Online

Criterion better open up a slot on their Blu-Ray schedule because the trailer for The French Dispatch, Wes Anderson’s latest film, just landed online. Set in post-WWII France, The French Dispatch – the full title of which is The French Dispatch of the Liberty, Kansas Evening Sun – follows the ...

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A Decade of Pixar: Cars 3 (2017)

Munir: Hello and welcome to a new edition of A Decade of Pixar. Today, we are reviewing a film that possibly nobody wanted, Cars 3. The Cars franchise has been the ugly duckling of the Pixar canon, and after the negative reviews that Cars 2 got, nobody was clamoring for a third one. Pixar, nonethele...

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A Decade of Pixar: Cars 2 (2011)

Virginia: Welcome back to A Decade Of, where we look back at ten years worth of a film studio’s movies. Today, as part of our series on Pixar, we’ll be taking a look at Cars 2. Far from the critical darling Toy Story 3 was, Cars 2 is actually quite reviled by fans and critics …

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