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Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Breaks Down Again

Remember that disastrous preview of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, Disney’s replacement for Splash Mountain in The Magic Kingdom? It broke down, animatronics malfunctioned, fire alarms sounded, and the press and online influencers were evacuated from the ride, as reported on Park Hoppin’. Well, toda...

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Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Breaks Down During Previews

Replacing the beloved Splash Mountain may prove to be yet another costly mistake for Disney. If you’ll remember, Disney decided that, due to its ties to Song of the South, Splash Mountain was racist, so they’re replacing it with an attraction based on The Princess and the Frog. The new ride, Tia...

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An Interview With ThatTuggLife

Blabbering Collector: How did you get into Geeks + Gamers? ThatTuggLife: Before Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker came out, I was on Reddit, and one user leaked a whole bunch of information, like the Rey and Kylo kiss, Rey’s yellow lightsaber, the two lightsabers, Luke and Leia’s Force Gh...

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Interviewing Jay “Drunko 3PO” of Geeks + Gamers

I sat down with Geeks + Gamers’ very own Drunk3PO, aka Jay, and grilled him about Gina Carano, cat breeds, theme parks, and more. Blabbering Collector: How did you get involved with Geeks + Gamers? Jay: I started to follow the G+G YouTube channel, and I followed Jeremy on Twitter. I had made ...

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Disney In The Dumps: Weekly Recap – April 17

You know, the thing! Let’s recap all important Disney stupidity since April seventeenth. New Ride Immediately Breaks Down A new ride opened up at Disney… and, much like everything else Disney these days, it immediately broke down. DeSantis Dumps Disney Florida’s State Senate has de...

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Disney In The Dumps: Weekly Recap – April 4

Boycott Begins There are many Disney fans who do not agree with Disney’s political stance. As such, many families are speaking out against the Mouse House, so much so that they are calling for a boycott. They believe that Disney should not have a stake in politics or an agenda other than provi...

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