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Concord Early Access Beta is a Bomb

The main attraction at this year’s PlayStation State of Play was Concord, a sci-fi first-person shooter developed by Firewalk Studios (which is owned by Sony, hence the focus at State of Play). It was pretty underwhelming, a goofy-looking game with some nice visuals but little to draw anyone in. ...

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Helldivers 2 Online Gameplay Has Dropped 90% Since Launch

Sony never recovered from their Helldivers 2 implosion. After making the idiotic decision to restrict access to Helldivers 2 to those with a PlayStation Network account, gamers fought back by giving the game bad reviews (this is what actual review-bombing looks like, not the situation with The Aco...

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Homeworld 3 Changed by Activists During Development?

Yet another video game appears to have been infected with wokeness, DEI, and other Hydra heads, but this one is an interesting case because it seems to have been done late in the game’s development. I’m talking about Homeworld 3, a real-time strategy sci-fi game developed by Blackbird Interactiv...

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Marvel Rivals Contract Forbids Negative Reviews or Mockery

Video game developers are now coming right out and saying they want reviewers to shill for them. Marvel Rivals is a new free-to-play “hero shooter” PC game from Marvel Games and NetEase Games featuring loads of Marvel superheroes and villains. A closed alpha test began on March 10, 2024, with v...

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Square Enix Lays Off Western Employees, Shifts Toward Multiplatform Releases

Square Enix is the latest video game developer to restructure its business. Earlier today, IGN reported that Square Enix will move away from platform exclusivity and “pursue a multiplatform strategy” going forward. This initiative, which the company is calling “Square Enix Reboots and Awakens�...

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The Aftermath of the Helldivers 2 Win

UPDATE: The screenshot posts from Kotaku writer Alyssa Mercante below were specifically about Saavy|Artist asking Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt some questions, and Pilestedt answering them and thanking her for being polite in her discourse. It’s unclear whether this happened before or after Sony�...

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