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The Last of Us Episode 5 to be Released Early

For the first time in the maiden season of HBO’s The Last of Us, a chapter of the story has been broken into two parts. The second half of the contained story featured in episode 4 will be concluded in episode 5. Possibly due to this two-part nature, but officially and more likely due to &hell...

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REVIEW: The Last of Us – Season 1, Episode 4, “Please Hold to My Hand”

A miracle has occurred; HBO’s The Last of Us has significantly improved its quality with this week’s episode 4, “Please Hold to My Hand.” That ridiculous title that seems to refer to nothing aside, “Please Hold to My Hand” seems to have achieved the impossible by finally developing its c...

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The Last of Us Confirms Their Agenda

The Last of Us has been met with near-universal praise, astonishing fan reception, and ever-growing ratings. However, the third and most recent episode has been far more divisive than any other, with many fans concerned about potential propaganda being the motivation behind its writing. Peter Hoar, ...

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Last Hogwarts Legacy Trailer Drops

We got the last Hogwarts Legacy trailer before the game launches next week. Take a look below! This trailer finally gives us more plot information. What do you think? The graphics, even though they are not gameplay footage, look incredible! The Wizarding World even gave us a deep-dive video. Will yo...

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REVIEW: The Last of Us – Season 1, Episode 3, “Long Long Time”

Rarely in the history of television has an episode of TV earned its title to the degree that this week’s episode of The Last of Us, “Long Long Time,” did. This 80-minute trudge-fest of an episode contained nothing but bloat and not a single ounce of the source material. The farce is over, as t...

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The Last of Us Season 2 is Happening and Abby is Coming

After the mind-boggling success of the first episode of HBO’s The Last of Us, which just crossed 22 million viewers, HBO has renewed the show for a second season. Season 2 will likely cover the events of The Last of Us Part II, but showrunner Craig Mazin believes that the story of the second game ...

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