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Russia Hacked Star Wars!

Do you dislike The Last Jedi? Then dasvidaniya, comrade. Hyperbole out of the way (on my end, anyway), I’m referring to a recently released study by Morten Bay, a researcher from University of Southern California, entitled “Weaponizing the haters: The Last Jedi and the strategic politicization o...

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Flag Controversy Follows First Man Trailer

In yet another reminder that everything that comes out of Hollywood has to be political (well, most things, at least), the new First Man trailer was released a few days ago, and in its wake is a controversy. First Man is the story of astronaut Neil Armstrong and his road to becoming the first man &h...

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REVIEW: Chappaquiddick (2018)

“This isn’t about opportunity; it’s about integrity.” Ted Kennedy, younger brother of Jack and Bobby, was known as the Lion of the Senate. He famously championed bills for women’s rights, education, and the impoverished, and was the potential candidate Richard Nixon feared the most with re...

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Champions of the People

As politics grow more and more prevalent in Hollywood’s output, segments of the audience are feeling increasingly alienated from mainstream entertainment (as dwindling movie ticket sales and the sub-basement-level ratings for the Oscars can attest – as well as the huge numbers for a show tha...

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