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Netflix’s Squid Game is Catching Fire

Set to become the most popular non-English series in Netflix history, the Korean-language series Squid Game is a transcendent success that the world is embracing. The hyper-violence permeating the nine-episode thriller has taken over the streaming platform since its release on Friday, September 17th...

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Captain Marvel, Rotten Tomatoes and Your Consumer Rights

Pop culture has never been through so much in so little time. The entertainment industry, in general, can’t seem to control the news anymore. Corporatism’s ugly side in these businesses is becoming unmasked like never before. Comic books, video games, trading cards, movies, TV shows̷...

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Rotten Tomatoes and the Standards of Criticism

Rotten Tomatoes is once again in the news, this time because it is revamping its criteria for determining which critics will be included in the site’s much-cited Tomatometer. The focus will now be on getting “innovative thinkers and commentators who have seized on new platforms, developed their ...

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