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Top 10 Tomb Raider Colonialisms

Colonialisms are serious business, and so is taking down the patriarchy. Throughout history, colonialism has made its mark upon the world and scarred millions, if not billions, as a result. As an elevated and highly enlightened society, we must strike fast and hard when colonialism pops up its ugly ...

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Dan Vasc Started Gamergate 2.0

If you listen to games journalists, their favorite boogeyman, Gamergate, has been resurrected thanks to the attention Sweet Baby Inc. has garnered over its woke gaming content. Curators were started, videos and articles were made, and The Daily Wire even took notice, with every screeching internet h...

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REVIEW: American Fiction (2023)

When I first saw a trailer for American Fiction before The Boy and the Heron over a month ago, I knew I needed to see it. Jeffrey Wright consistently delivers the goods, and this film looked hysterical. I’m only frustrated that it took weeks past the official release date for any theaters n...

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The People’s Joker Gets a Theatrical Release

The strangest version of the Joker yet will be making its way to theaters. At last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, a film called The People’s Joker, about a trans version of the legendary Batman villain, canceled its planned screenings due to a “rights issue” with Warner Bros. Di...

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The Regime Trailer Orders You to Watch It

If you didn’t realize that 2024 is an election year, the amount of political entertainment set to debut should clue you in. Today, HBO released a trailer for The Regime, a comedy-drama satire. The Regime depicts the decline of a fascistic government that rules a European country, with palace intri...

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Spin-off Series The Boys: Mexico Being Developed with Diego Luna

The Boys is becoming a franchise. This year saw the spin-off series Gen V, which followed an animated show called The Boys: Diabolical. Now, Deadline has learned that another spin-off is being developed, this one called The Boys: Mexico. The executive producers of The Boys, Eric Kripke, Seth Rogen,...

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