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Sweet Baby Inc. Employee Contacts Former Employer of Jeff from SmashTV

The video game journalists/developers/consultants are stepping up their attacks on the other side of what they’ve designated GamerGate 2 (all the while oblivious to the movement’s true mastermind). Their current number-one target seems to be Jeff from Smash JT. Jeff is a figure similar to former...

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Venom: The Last Dance Trailer Teases the End of an Era

Eddie Brock is ready for one last ride with his symbiotic alter ego. Today, Sony released a trailer for Venom: The Last Dance, the third and (likely) final installment in their Venom series. This time, Venom is being hunted by the military and members of his species, who’ve traveled to Earth fro...

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Silent Hill 2 Remake Changes Female Characters

The video game industry continues to stamp out beauty wherever it may roam. Yesterday, Sony aired its PlayStation State of Play event for 2024, and one of the game trailers shown was for the remake of Silent Hill 2. Fans of the horror game series noticed something about Angela, one of the characters...

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PlayStation State of Play 2024

Today, Sony held its PlayStation State of Play presentation for 2024, and it was… a thing, I guess. You can see the whole presentation below or read on and see each trailer by itself. The first two game trailers shown were for Concord, a multiplayer first-person shooter from new developer Firewalk...

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Shift Up Planning “Possible” Stellar Blade Sequel

After its successful debut (despite the controversy over censorship because Sony seems to have decided money is the enemy), I don’t think anyone figured Stellar Blade would be a one-and-done affair, but developer Shift Up has confirmed that probably won’t be the case. In an interview with Famit...

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Stellar Blade Patch Introduces Uncensored Outfits

Have gamers won another battle against Sony? That’s in the eye of the beholder, but Mark Kern, the former Blizzard producer who goes by Grummz on social media, is declaring victory. To recap, Stellar Blade, a new game from upstart Korean developer Shift Up and distributed by Sony, features a class...

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