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WWE WrestleMania 38 Night 1 Results (2022)

WWE WrestleMania 38 night 1 results and commentary from Danny Damage! WWE WrestleMania 38 Night 1 Results Are you sick of the word “stupendous” yet? Me too. I watched NXT Stand & Deliver AND night 1 of WrestleMania live, and it’d be cool if we were to scrub it from the dictiona...

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NXT Stand & Deliver Results (2022)

NXT Stand & Deliver results and commentary from Danny Damage! NXT Stand & Deliver Results 2022 WWE mixed it up this year and held the WrestleMania weekend PREMIUM LIVE EVENT for NXT a few hours before Wrestlemania Day 1.  Usually, it would be on the night before, but they’re trying to...

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Putin vs. J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has been making headlines for decades now, as has Russian President Vladimir Putin… but never before in the same headline! Putin has recently said: ‘They [the West] cancelled J.K. Rowling, the children’s author – her books are published all over t...

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Russia Banned From 2022 World Figure Skating Competition

The International Skating Union (ISU) has banned Russian and Belarusian figure skaters from participating in the 2022 World Figure Skating Championship in France later this month. This is yet another blow to innocent Russian citizens. They have already been banned from other sports, purch...

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Tom Brady Announces His Return To Football

Tom Brady has announced his return to the NFL after he previously said he retired after his 22nd season in February.  These past two months I’ve realized my place is still on the field and not in the stands. That time will come. But it’s not now. I love my teammates, and I love my …

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AEW Revolution Results (2022)

AEW Revolution results and commentary from Danny Damage! AEW Revolution Results 2022 It’s hard to tell which of AEW’s big four is the equivalent to WWE’s Wrestlemania. They act like they all are, but this one’s had “the road to Revolution” ground into our ears qui...

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