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Mallrats Sequel May Go To Peacock

UPDATE: JoBlo’s full interview with Kevin Smith is now online. It’s well worth a watch, as it fleshes out Smith’s plans for Twilight of the Mallrats and gives information on how it and Clerks III came about, plus Killroy Was Here. Watch below: You may not have to leave your home to go to the &...

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Marvel Gains Rights to Stan Lee’s Likeness

The final barrier between Marvel and the complete and utter desecration of Stan Lee’s grave has finally been removed, as they now own the rights to his likeness. Marvel’s usage of this great man is no longer limited to merely pushing NFTs on his Twitter account. Now, Marvel’s con...

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Generation X: Marvel’s Original “Diverse” Live-Action Film

Reminiscing about the ‘90s is nothing new to comic book readers nowadays, from people who were around at that period to younger folks who are curious about what happened that decade regarding comics. The medium itself went through a lot; from the financial successes of “The Death of Superman...

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Stan Lee’s First Novel to be Released This Fall

Rejoice, True Believers! Entertainment Weekly reports that a novel co-written by late great Marvel creator Stan Lee will be released posthumously; Lee’s co-writer is Kat Rosenfield. The book, entitled Stan Lee’s Alliances: A Trick of Light, is set in the Alliances superhero universe co-c...

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REVIEW: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

There is no shortage of Spider-Man-related content in mainstream media. After the initial Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy, we were soon given the Amazing Spider-Man films. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 didn’t perform at the level Sony expected, which caused them to scrap plans to expand that universe...

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Stan Lee: Remembering a Titan

If there is one name in comics that you could bring up to virtually anyone, it’s Stan Lee. Let’s just be frank here; the man is a true legend, and although there are numerous creators through the Golden and Silver ages of comics that have contributed (in no small way) to the universes we all &he...

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