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REVIEW: The Orville: New Horizons – Episode 3 “Mortality Paradox”

The Orville: New Horizons continues with the release of episode 3, “Mortality Paradox,” which again proves that The Orville is the best science fiction show currently airing. The previous two episodes of New Horizons were character-heavy and concept-heavy, respectively. In contrast, this third...

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REVIEW: The Orville: New Horizons – Episode 2 “Shadow Realms”

The thrilling continuation of The Orville: New Horizons, “Shadow Realms,” aired last night, bringing a harsh edge of horror into this beloved sci-fi series. The first fifteen minutes drag on for quite a while, causing concerns that this may be an underwhelming episode. Additionally, the new Admi...

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REVIEW: The Orville: New Horizons – Episode 1 “Electric Sheep”

The Orville has once again delivered an incredible sci-fi drama with the season premiere of New Horizons, “Electric Sheep.” For the disenfranchised Star Trek fans, The Orville has become the needed escapism to fill the void left by the decline of Star Trek in recent years. That positive track re...

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The Orville Cast’s Thoughts Ahead of the Season 3 Premiere

During their press tour for the upcoming release of The Orville: New Horizons, several of the cast members spoke to CBR regarding the premiere. This nostalgia-filled sci-fi show that revisits everything that modern-day Star Trek should be has been cemented in the hearts and minds of fans who have be...

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REVIEW: Star Trek: Picard – Season 2, Episode 1 “The Star Gazer”

Picard Season 2 Episode 1, “The Star Gazer,” released earlier today on Paramount+, and it is as poorly written and divisive as has become the norm for all current Kurtzman Trek. The few characters who have realized personalities are insufferable and egotistical, despite being the supposed “veh...

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Rumored: Star Trek 4 To Start Filming Late 2022

Gary from Nerdrotic might have a brain aneurysm because it looks like the fourth Star Trek is going to start filming! Deadline has exclusively reported that the new movie will begin filming in late 2022. The original cast – Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, John Cho, and Simon Pegg – are ...

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