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REVIEW: Big Hero 6: The Series – Season 1, Episodes 5 and 6, “Fred’s Bro-Tillion” and “Food Fight”

*Spoilers* In “Fred’s Bro-tillion,” Aunt Cass fights rowdy kitchen supplies. Meanwhile, Fred calls his friends, insisting that it’s an emergency, but when they arrive, he’s on the couch getting a foot rub. He tells his friends that his Bro-tillion is coming up; a Bro-tillion, h...

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REVIEW: Big Hero 6: The Series – Episodes 3 and 4, “Issue 188” and “Big Roommates 2”

*Spoilers* In “Issue 188”, Professor Granville assigns Hiro to hang out with Karmi, who was the youngest student ever admitted to the university until Hiro was accepted. Meanwhile, High Voltage, a mother and daughter team that look like something straight out of Jem, are running amuck and the he...

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The Incredibles vs. Incredibles 2

As I’ve mentioned on a couple of occasions, The Incredibles is my favorite movie ever and I was more than a little excited about the new sequel. I’ve seen Incredibles 2 twice now and have been thinking about it nonstop since Thursday night. As I mentioned in my review, a couple of things did bot...

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New Independent Comic The Last Line Launches Next Month

Independent comic books are on the rise of late, a response to the perceived deficiencies in the mainstream comics industry. Former DC and Marvel artist Ethan van Sciver has found great success with Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney, his revival of his Cyberfrog character, and Richard C. Meyer of Diversity &...

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REVIEW: Incredibles 2 (2018)

After making us wait 14, years during which time various rumors arose, Pixar has finally released Incredibles 2 in cinemas. The studio has cheekily played on the excitement over the sequel in their ads, and in front of the film they play a clip of the actors and director Brad Bird assuring the audie...

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REVIEW: The Incredibles (2004)

“We’re superheroes. What could happen?” In anticipation of Incredibles 2 coming out this week, I’d like to talk about the first film, and some of the events leading up to its initial release. In 1999 Warner Bros. animation studio released Brad Bird’s directorial debut, The Iron Giant. ...

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