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New Suspiria Trailer Releases

I’ve been itching for more information on the Suspiria remake since the first teaser dropped in June. After cryptic tweets and a lot of buildup over the past couple of days, the new Suspiria trailer has dropped, and it’s a doozy. Check it out below: This Suspiria trailer truly capitalize...

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Suspiria (2018) Gets a Terrifying Teaser Trailer

Suspiria (1977) is a masterpiece of horror cinema, and easily in my top ten horror movies of all time. What Dario Argento captured with that film was pure, unbridled supernatural terror. When I heard that there was a remake in the works, I was less than enthused; however, with the release of the fir...

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Suspiria (2018) Gets a Teaser Poster and First Clip Description

When it was brought to my attention that there was going to be a remake of Suspiria, one of my favorite horror films of all time, I rolled my eyes. I was so disinterested because I couldn’t imagine a world where they made a film of that caliber over again. I heard that Luca Guadagnino …

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