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Marvel Celebrates Thor Tickets With Posters

While it seemed to start late for a Marvel movie, the marketing push for Thor: Love and Thunder has rocketed forward since it began in mid-April. Today, to coincide with tickets for the God of Thunder’s next adventure going on sale, Marvel released a series – a seemingly unending series – of n...

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More Thor: Love and Thunder Pics Seek to be Worthy

With Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness in theaters, Marvel and Disney are now focusing on Thor: Love and Thunder, with two months to get people psyched for something I think many have been dreading since director Taika Waititi let fans know what he thought of the character’s mythos. Fir...

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New Thor: Love and Thunder Poster Showcases Jane Foster

In case you thought Disney would let the masculine blond mane of Chris Hemsworth take all the glory in the wake of the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer, Marvel has released a new poster for the film. This one mirrors the first, which depicted Thor holding Stormbreaker while dressed like a wannabe 80s ...

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WandaVision Will Not Return For Season 2

In an interview with SFX Magazine, Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab reiterated that the hit Disney+ show WandaVision will not be returning for season 2. WandaVision was billed as a miniseries from the start, a story for Wanda in-between cinematic appearances. But as with most things on...

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Thor: Love and Thunder Reshoots Underway

There’s more god butchering afoot for Marvel. Jeff Sneider of The Ankler reports that Thor: Love and Thunder has been undergoing reshoots in Manhattan Beach, California, for the past week. The reshoots involve Christian Bale, who plays the film’s villain, Gorr the God Butcher. The Ankler keeps i...

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REVIEW: Hawkeye – Episode 6 “So This is Christmas?”

Hawkeye’s finale, “So This is Christmas?” is a fitting end for the miniseries in that it has a few good moments, and a better story is aching to break through, but it’s caught in a mire of boring plotlines, weightless action, unsatisfying character arcs, and some of the laziest fight scenes ...

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