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The Return of GamerGate | The GamerGate 2 Report

All I wanted to do was laugh at some pronoun fluids and Canadians doing land acknowledgments and calling themselves “settlers.” Instead, I present to you a comprehensive, multi-part series on Gamergate, Sweet Baby Inc., and wokeness in video games. Please, play nice. During the dangerous process...

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A Message From a Humble Nerd

As with anything on the internet, or even in real life, drama ensues when there are many voices vying for the megaphone. In this case, the controversy over Sweet Baby Inc. and GamerGate 2.0 continues, but not in the way most would expect. Matt Walsh, one of the Daily Wire personalities, is in the th...

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Matt Walsh Brings Video Game Infiltration Mainstream

Some more prominent names are starting to take an interest in the video game industry and what companies like Sweet Baby Inc. are doing to it – and doing through it. X is aflutter this morning over Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire devoting a large segment of his podcast, The Matt Walsh Show, to the &...

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Disneyland Posts Wheel of Power/Privilege for Employees

Disney is fighting privilege in America, one food court worker at a time. The Daily Wire published an exclusive the other day (which I found through Bleeding Fool) in which an anonymous Disneyland employee sent them an image of a poster Disney called the “Wheel of Power/Privilege.” This poster ...

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Daily Wire Releases Trailer for Trans Sports Comedy Lady Ballers

The Daily Wire is branching out into comedy. Today, the conservative media site debuted the trailer for their upcoming film Lady Ballers. A satire of trans athletes entering women’s sports, Lady Ballers follows a washed-up basketball coach who gathers some of his old friends together to join a wo...

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Daily Wire Launches Children’s Entertainment Company Bentkey

The Daily Wire has made another advancement in the culture wars. Yesterday, the 100th anniversary of Disney, the conservative media company launched its own children’s entertainment company, Bentkey. In a video introducing Bentkey, Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing said the company will not ...

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