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Doom Patrol adds Madeline Zima For Season 4

The Doom Patrol social media pages shared the news today that Madeline Zima has been cast in season 4 as “Space Case” Casey Brink. Check out the first image of the new character here: I don’t know this actress or the character she’s playing, but I’m so glad this show ...

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REVIEW: Doom Patrol Season 3, Episode 4 “Undead Patrol”

*SPOILERS* “Undead Patrol” opens with the unsettling sight of Willoughby desecrating Niles’ disembodied head. As implied at the end of “Possibilities Patrol,” he uses it to bring Niles’ spirit back to the human world. Willoughby’s crusade of petty, self-serv...

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REVIEW: Doom Patrol – Season 3 Episodes 1-3, “Possibilities Patrol,” “Vacay Patrol,” and”Dead Patrol”

*SPOILERS* Thursday, September the 23rd, Doom Patrol returned with three explosive episodes. “Possibilities Patrol” finds the Chief dead as Dorothy reckons with the Candlemaker on a higher plane. Jane is still trapped in her own mind with her other identities. Dorothy returns with the Ca...

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Final Doom Patrol Season 3 Trailer Arrives

With just over three weeks left until the Doom Patrol season 3 premiere, HBO Max and Warner Bros. have finally released the full trailer for the season. The new clip introduces Madame Rouge (Michelle Gomez) and provides further clues as to the plot and feel of season 3. Timothy Dalton’s Chief ...

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Return of the Rocketeer Coming to Disney+

Deadline reports that Disney+ will release a new Rocketeer film called The Return of the Rocketeer, produced by David Oyelowo and written by Ed Ricourt. Oyelowo may also star in The Return of the Rocketeer, which will follow a former Tuskegee airman who becomes the Rocketeer. This film will serve as...

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Doom Patrol Season 3 Teaser Trips Through the Looking Glass

Yesterday, Monday, August 9th, HBO Max dropped our first look at Doom Patrol season 3. The quirky anti-superhero series began airing in February 2019 on DC Universe and migrated along with the rest of its content to HBO Max last year. Season 1 contained 15 episodes, but season 2 was cut down to 9 du...

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