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REVIEW: Loki – Season 2, Episode 6, “Glorious Purpose”

You want insight into how imaginative Marvel isn’t nowadays? The second (and, hopefully, last) season finale of Loki has the same title as its pilot: “Glorious Purpose.” Moreover, it’s a line taken from The Avengers and repurposed from a cool one-off to the character’s raison d’êt...

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REVIEW: Loki – Season 2, Episode 5, “Science/Fiction”

With “Science/Fiction,” Loki has what is easily its best episode of the season and one of the best of its entire run. That’s faint praise because it isn’t great, and the show remains confusing and inconsistent, but this week’s installment is enjoyable in parts, especially when focused on t...

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REVIEW: Loki – Season 2, Episode 4, “Heart of the TVA”

There’s a moment in “Heart of the TVA,” this week’s episode of Loki, where Loki tells Sylvie, “I promise, this will all make sense.” He’s talking to us as much as he is to her, assuring the audience that there is an explanation for the weird, confusing events of the episode. But after ...

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RUMOR: Thor 5 in Development Without Taika Waititi?

The God of Thunder is still worthy if a new rumor is to be believed. According to well-respected scooper Daniel Richtman, Marvel is developing Thor 5, which aligns with a previous rumor from two months ago courtesy of MyTimeToShineHello. However, Richtman says Taika Waititi is out, and Marvel is loo...

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REVIEW: Loki – Season 2, Episode 3, “1893”

If for no other reason, “1893” is probably the best episode of Loki’s second season (so far) because it actually moves the plot forward. The plot isn’t great, and the show is still a chore to sit through, but halfway through this run, there is finally momentum. There are some good ideas, t...

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REVIEW: Loki – Season 2, Episode 2, “Breaking Brad”

Loki is following a familiar pattern in its new season, as the second episode, “Breaking Brad,” is better than the first and has some appetizing suggestions that all may not be as it seems with Loki. It also has some filler, some bad humor, and the return (in earnest) of the character the show ...

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