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LeBron James vs. Mike Tyson: Is This The Worst Sports Take in History?

 If DunkTopic wanted a hit tweet, they got it. The Twitter account posed the question, “Who do you got?” with an image of LeBron James going up against “Iron” Mike Tyson in a boxing match in his prime.  https://twitter.com/DunkTopic/status/1422580790936883200?s=20 It’...

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“This Is Not True” Legally Blonde Writer Slaps Down Retroactive LGBTQ “Insinuation”

Legally Blonde writer Karen McCullah has been active on Twitter slapping down rumors and the “insinuation” of an alternate LGBTQ storyline in the movie.  On the 20th anniversary of the movie, an oral history was published in the New York Times. McCullah tweeted the original article...

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A Word in Defense of Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lately, I’ve grown increasingly tired of something that seems utterly inescapable. It’s been heading in this direction for quite some time, but I’m exhausted by the constant barrage of film criticism that evaluates art in solely political terms. Both “sides” do this, an...

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Games Journalists Melt Down Over Satirical Article

Games journalists have gone into meltdown on Twitter over a satirical article posted by Hard Drive. The article made fun of IGN games journalists, specifically, with the clearly satirical headline, “IGN Writer Excited to Start Playing Game He Just Finished Reviewing.”  The piece was ini...

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Universal Orlando Trolls Star Wars

Hey everyone! Tuggs here. So. If you haven’t been following Universal Orlando’s Twitter account, boy, are you missing out! With witty replies like this: Ouch. SAVAGE. Sorry, Leo. And sound advice like this: It’s pretty easy to see why they’re my favorite theme park Twitter ac...

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Twitter White Knights Against Sexy Female Comic Characters

Most anyone who has been a comic book fan since the 1990s has at least heard of Jeff Scott Campbell and seen his work. Known for his original works Danger Girl and Gen13, Campbell has used his unique style to great effect and acclaim within the industry. He is now regarded as one of the …

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