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What If…? Season 2 Trailer Brings the Multiverse Home for Christmas

Marvel’s got one last gasp for 2023. Today saw the release of the trailer for season 2 of What If…?, the animated Disney+ series about the MCU multiverse. There’s no official word on the episode titles yet, but it looks like we’ll be seeing a host of Marvel favorites in animated form, with D...

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REVIEW: What If…? – Season 1, Episode 9 “What If… The Watcher Broke His Oath?”

After an unexpectedly amazing setup last week, What If…? wraps up its frustratingly inconsistent first season with a frustratingly inconsistent finale. “What If… The Watcher Broke His Oath?” has some great moments and winning characters, but some lame jokes and annoying bits of pandering to ...

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REVIEW: What If…? – Season 1, Episode 8 “What If… Ultron Won?”

What If…? followed up its worst episode (maybe; that Star Panther one was rough) with its best one. “What If… Ultron Won?” is a game-changer, one that finally sees the different worlds to which Uatu has introduced us collide, explaining the ending of last week’s cringefest and setting the ...

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REVIEW: What If…? – Season 1, Episode 1 “What If… Captain Carter Were the First Avenger?”

After giving us a month to regain our sanity and gastrointestinal fortitude following the merciful end of Loki, Marvel has released its first animated series set in the MCU, What If…? Based on the comic series, What If…? takes us on a tour of the multiverse with Uatu the Watcher as our guide, sh...

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