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Ubisoft CEO Says Remakes Will Modernize Old Assassin’s Creed Games

Ubisoft isn’t done fiddling with Assassin’s Creed. In a recent interview with Ubisoft’s communications director, Lucy O’Brien, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot talked about the video game developer’s plans for one of their premier franchises. In addition to having “Assassin’s Creed games co...

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The Critical Drinker Talks Movies, Star Wars, and Soccer with Will Cain

Will Cain downed some drinks with Will Jordan… well, not really, but we can assume the Drinker had a few adult beverages on hand. The erstwhile Critical Drinker appeared on The Will Cain Show – where Gary from Nerdrotic guested in May – to talk about the movie industry and what’s wrong with...

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Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn Gets Big Media Push As Sweet Baby Inc. Influence Looms

The next game to have Sweet Baby Inc.’s influence is on its way, and this one is disappointing because the studio behind it indicated they were reversing course. A while back, Kabrutus, the creator of the Sweet Baby Inc. Detected Steam curator and the website DEI Detected, appeared on the Geeks + ...

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Dr. Disrespect and Former Twitch Employees Shed Light on His Ban

In the modern era, stars fall much more frequently than they rise, and the latest one to light up the internet with its descent is Dr Disrespect. This particular celebrity banishment started four years ago when Dr Disrespect – a massively popular online streamer who attracted audiences in the hund...

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Shareholder Questions Square Enix’s Use of Sweet Baby Inc.

The word is out on Sweet Baby Inc., and it’s not good. There have been signs in recent months that the consulting firm that helped destroy Rocksteady’s Arkham series with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (which was directly blamed for Warner Bros. losing $200 million in its first quarter...

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Halo Composer Talks DEI in Video Games

In a recent video on his Andrew Says YouTube channel, Andrew Chapados interviewed Marty O’Donnell, the former composer of the Halo video games who created the Halo theme. O’Donnell is running for Congress, where he hopes to represent Nevada’s third congressional district in the House of Repr...

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