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Velma Trailer is a Warning to Potential Viewers

If you always thought Scooby-Doo needed more lecturing and less Scooby-Doo, I hope you’ve kept up your HBO Max subscription because the streamer just released a trailer for its update of the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon, Velma. Produced by and starring Mindy Kaling, who would have to see a doctor...

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Kumail Nanjiani is Mad That Only White Guys Can Be Villains

Can you go too woke for the woke? Of course you can; they wouldn’t be woke otherwise. The newest example of these people never being satisfied even when they’re unfailingly catered to comes from Kumail Nanjiani. Nanjiani was in the Marvel film Eternals, which I won’t hold against him, but he w...

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Jennifer Lawrence Thinks She Was the First Female Action Hero

Jennifer Lawrence is perhaps the most important woman in Hollywood history. But don’t take my word for it – Lawrence herself has assured us of this, declaring herself the very first female action hero ever to lead a movie in an interview with Variety – actually, more of a conversation with Vio...

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The NHL Goes All in on Woke Diversity and Inclusion Agenda, Releases 1st Report

In case you didn’t already know, even the NHL has gone woke. They may be a bit behind the curve, but don’t worry; they’re catching up fast. The NHL often uses the tagline “The Fastest Game on Earth,” but somehow, that wasn’t good enough for them. Now, they want to be the wokest game on &...

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It’s Official: G4TV Is Over

Well, folks, the writing has been on the wall at G4TV for some time now, with layoffs, attacking the fans, and reverting to objectifying women when ratings were dropping. But now, it’s officially time to say goodbye to G4TV, as “Comcast pulls the plug” on the entire financially uns...

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GI Joe Brand Manager Demands Fans’ Pronouns

Add one more to the list of previously fun things that have been turned into homework. At the GI Joe panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, GI Joe brand manager Emily Bader asked those lining up for questions to give their name and their pronouns. Later, at the Hasbro Pulse Con (which I just &h...

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