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Deadpool 3 Delayed, The Marvels on Schedule

We’re going to have to wait a little longer for that epic mutant fight we’ve been anticipating. Disney has released its quarterly earnings report, which lists the studio’s upcoming movie release schedule. The Marvels, which Disney was rumored to be considering delaying, remains in its (final) ...

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Wolverine and Deadpool Fight in Deadpool 3 Set Video

The Best There is at What He Does and the Merc with a Mouth are squaring off, and we’ve got a preview of the action. A few days ago, Twitter user @mcufightclub posted a video taken on the set of Deadpool 3 that shows Deadpool and Wolverine fighting in that desert area from which the …

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Wolverine Costume in Deadpool 3 Revealed

Comic books have been coming to life in live-action – to varying degrees – for the better part of a century, but an upcoming Marvel film is splashing a little more color on the screen than usual. Last week, the scoopers at CanWeGetSomeToast claimed that Wolverine would be wearing his blue and ye...

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Jennifer Garner’s Elektra Will Appear in Deadpool 3

A Hollywood Reporter exclusive reveals that Jennifer Garner has joined Deadpool 3, reprising her role of Elektra from Daredevil (2003) and Elektra. This comes a couple of years after Garner expressed the wish that those films had been part of Kevin Feige’s MCU. This will be the first Deadpoo...

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RUMOR: Wolverine to Wear Comics Costume in Deadpool 3

If a new rumor is true, Wolverine’s return will bring a dash of his comic book history with him. Scooping account CanWeGetSomeToast posted about Deadpool 3 on Instagram, and they claim that Wolverine will be wearing his classic blue and yellow costume from the comics in the film. They say the movi...

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Deadpool 3 Costume Revealed

Deadpool is sharpening his fashion sense along with his katana… or is he? Twitter account Deadpool Updates has shared pictures from the set of Deadpool 3 featuring Ryan Reynolds in costume as the Merc with a Mouth. The images reveal Deadpool’s new suit, which is very similar to the one from the ...

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