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Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer Debuts During the Super Bowl

The first trailer for the movie we can now officially call Deadpool & Wolverine debuted during tonight’s Super Bowl, and if you’re wondering how anticipated this film is, it’s currently at 1,599,186 views  on YouTube in 42 minutes despite airing during the most-watched television event of...

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X-Men Character’s Return All But Confirmed by Actor

Deadpool 3 is rumored to be chock full of cameos – and perhaps larger roles – from a plethora of X-Men characters played by the actors who portrayed them in the Fox movies from 2000 on. But today, another hint at a possible appearance was delivered by the actor himself. This piece will get into...

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Ryan Reynolds Shares Image of Deadpool 3 Costume

Ryan Reynolds is ringing in the New Year with a gift for Deadpool fans. In a Twitter post showing what he was thankful for in 2023, Reynolds included a picture of himself in full costume – minus the mask – on the set of Deadpool 3, where he was walking beside director Shawn Levy. This … <...

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RUMOR: MCU X-Men Movie Will Focus on Female Team Members

That obnoxious Jennifer Lawrence scene from Dark Phoenix may become a reality in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Scooper Daniel Richtman recently claimed that the MCU’s first X-Men movie will focus on the female members of the mutant superteam. He also says that Mr. Sinister will be the villain a...

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Insomniac Games Leak Reveals Wolverine Footage

The best there is at what he does has been exposed a little early. A week ago, Insomniac Games was hacked by a group called Rhysida, who threatened to release the stolen files online unless the video game studio paid them $2 million. Insomniac declined, so the hackers followed through with their thr...

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Ryan Reynolds Posts Fake Deadpool 3 Spoilers

Ryan Reynolds is making a good-natured plea to stop ruining his new movie for everybody. If you’re someone who clicks on trending topics while perusing Twitter, you’ve no doubt seen that there are tons of Deadpool 3 spoilers out there, and some of them are big. Not only are character appearanc...

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